To Dyl, Happy Birthday

So, what do you do when it’s your brothers birthday but he’s halfway across the world? Well, FaceTime him, check. Get him an Australian present, check. Sisterly birthday duties accomplished right? Except… it still felt like something was missing. This wasn’t just another birthday, it was the big 2-5. The big quarter life century and … Continue reading To Dyl, Happy Birthday

The Wrap Up

And that's it - that's a wrap! Tying up the concussion awareness week on my blog also concludes the #TeamUpSpeakUp social media event that was hosted yesterday by Concussion Legacy Foundation. A huge thank you to all the support that was received over this past week. Whether it was reading just one post or reading … Continue reading The Wrap Up

This is Jackie, here is her Story.

A family friend, Jackie Pearsall is bright, outgoing and helpful. Jackie’s story helps to raise the awareness that concussions do not just happen in athletic settings. Concussions can happen anyplace, any time, even in the safety of ones home. My name is Jackie and I am a 22 year old student. I have been playing sports all of my life; golf, water polo, rugby, competitive swimming and ringette to name a few. It is quite shocking, however, that none … Continue reading This is Jackie, here is her Story.