The Wrap Up

And that’s it – that’s a wrap! Tying up the concussion awareness week on my blog also concludes the #TeamUpSpeakUp social media event that was hosted yesterday by Concussion Legacy Foundation. A huge thank you to all the support that was received over this past week. Whether it was reading just one post or reading them all, liking, commenting, sharing, tweeting or retweeting it all counts towards spreading more concussion awareness! Along with a big thank you to the readers, an even bigger thank you goes out to the writers who were willing to take the time to write about their concussion stories and to have the courage to publicly reveal a difficult time in their lives. These writers and their stories are what have made this past week possible.

Thanks to their stories, they have been able to make concussions more visible, even if it was just for a week. Hopefully this week has provided more insight on concussions, what they are, what they are like to live with, current treatments, symptoms and protocols as well as the importance of gaining more research and information on brain injuries. Although we have current methods associated with concussion diagnosis and treatment, we still have a long way to go before we fully understand the implications of concussions and their lasting effects.

By raising more proceeds for concussion research, we will be able to gain more knowledge on the prevention, assessment and treatment of concussions to reduce the lasting implications of mild traumatic brain injuries. I hope that this blog has not only created more awareness on the subject of concussions but has also given reassurance to those who have been or are currently affected by persistent concussion symptoms. To that group of individuals, you are not alone and there will be better days. Use the support around you and don’t be afraid to speak up. You will get through this.

As individuals, as athletes, as students and as any participant in our own lives, it’s easy for us to take our health for granted. It’s easy to take our brain and all the things that it does for us on a daily basis for granted. But as you have read, it is hard to live a normal life without a fully functioning brain. It is only in the position where we have lost the ability to perform basic life tasks without pain do we truly understand how much importance our health has over our wellbeing. Despite our inability to image the brain like other organs, it doesn’t mean that it is not there and that these injuries are not present. We still need to allow proper treatment and recovery.

At the end of the day, we only have one brain for our one life. Lets make sure we take care of it. Remember, invisible injuries are only as invisible as we make them. Lets make concussions more visible in our society.

To learn more about Concussion Legacy Foundation or to donate, please click here.


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