To Dyl, Happy Birthday

So, what do you do when it’s your brothers birthday but he’s halfway across the world?

Well, FaceTime him, check. Get him an Australian present, check. Sisterly birthday duties accomplished right?

Except… it still felt like something was missing. This wasn’t just another birthday, it was the big 2-5. The big quarter life century and I haven’t seen you in two months kind of birthday. So I thought what better way to celebrate Dylan’s birthday than to dedicate a potentially embarrassing blog post to him? My answer : none.

To make this even more embarrassing for you Dyl, I haven’t actually written in several months, let alone a blog post, so this could take a rapid turn for the worst. However, luckily for you, it seems that as much as I rack my brain for some of your most embarrassing moments, you have an impeccably clean slate. The only material that I have against you at best is teasing you about girls, making fun of your running stride and trying to give you fashion advice.

And that’s just pretty lame for a birthday blog post from all the way down under.

So this is where my embarrassingly funny birthday blog post turns into me idolizing you. You’re welcome. Or maybe I should be thanking you? It’s been pretty easy to write considering how difficult it was to conjure up some of your embarrassing moments.

Since Dylan’s my brother and all, it only seems natural to start at the very beginning. Dylan’s two years older than me and because of that, naturally, I wanted to be just like him. If Dylan picked a game to play when we were younger, I would always play it. Dylan’s favourite colour was blue, so my favourite colour was blue too. Dylan started playing hockey, so I started playing hockey. Dylan had the plans to start a Dylmac store when we were five and seven, so I helped with the “store”. And of course, this store was located in my room. Good call Dyl, way to one up your younger sister.


We went to the same elementary school, middle school and high school. We still stayed close when I moved out of Ottawa for university. We never fought much and luckily that has never changed.

Dyl you’ve always been a role model, a friend, a confidant and my brother all in one. I got lucky, to have a brother like you. I know that if the world dropped from under my feet you would be a call away. Just as I know if I wanted to talk to you about something as boring as my afternoon snack you would probably still pick up the phone and tolerate me.

So Dyl, thanks for always being the person that invites me to hang out with you and your friends. For being the brother that made sure to come to my senior night at RIT, and had the idea for everyone to dress up in my old hockey jerseys. For being the person that would still talk to his younger sister in high school in front of everyone. I will never forget you getting dressed up in a suit and tie just to take one picture with me before I left for prom. Thanks for being the guy that would occasionally let me win when we played 21. (I realize this was partially because you knew I would stop playing if I got creamed every game, but still.) For always helping me with the black hole of emptiness that is physics. For including me to play road hockey and football with the neighborhood boys because other than my one friend, I was the only girl. I still remember the time when I was obsessed with that children’s story about bunnies taking baths in jelly beans and you filled half the bathtub with jelly beans as an Easter surprise for me. Thanks for speaking up and saying; “it’s just a birthmark” when I was too embarrassed to tell people what was on my left foot. Oh and thank you for allowing me to bite you when I was a baby and not fighting back because you were scared of hurting me. Sorry about that.


So this is definitely a curve ball from the initial, embarrassing, birthday post that I was headed for but this is the most accurate representation that I have of you, Dyl.

Thanks for being you. Thanks for being my role model. Thanks for setting the bar high for not only the people I want to keep close to me, but for how I want to be.

I may not be a little girl anymore but I still want to be just like you; kind, hardworking, selfless and big hearted. Here’s to hitting the big 2-5 and here’s to many more years of you spreading all of your kindness to the rest of the world. (And your weird running stride)

Happy Birthday,

Love Mack



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