About It

So what is this blog about exactly? It’s all about life. Sounds pretty simple right? That is until you really think about it. When was the last time that life was ever easy. Am I right? Well lucky for you, just about all of the rest of us are feeling the exact same way. Unless you aren’t, then kudos to you.

So what parts of life is this blog about? All of it. The ups and downs, the curve balls and every thing in between. This blog is all about celebrating the little things and finding the best in every situation. It’s about accepting the things we can’t change and embracing each and every person as someone you can learn a lesson from. It has to do with becoming our best self and having a little fun along the way. I want this blog to offer a reminder, or a refresher, because sometimes we get so swept up in life, that we forget to actually live. We forget to count our blessings, we forget what we really want and we forget to treat ourselves the way we deserve. So if you’re in need of a hopeful reminder, a new perspective, a laugh, an understanding or you’re just bored and you want to catch a quick read, this is the blog for you! Enjoy.

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